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          Setting Machine
          ZHL-1900 Continuous steaming machine
          ZH-2000 highly effective decating machine
          ZH-2000 highly effective decating machine
          Q4111-100jet type teaches silk dyeing machinery
          Y series 50-600-1000stranded wire dyeing machinery
          FDME-38 at room temperature overflow woolen cloth dyeing machine
          NB441 Program-controlled decating machine
          N711 decating machine
          N061 light milling machine
          DC-3-8 skein drying pit
          N464B advanced version disperses the wool
          N461N642 hair bulb dyeing machinery
          Twin-roll rolling three water dispenser
          MBC034 to puncture the fruit raising machine
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          ZH-2000 highly effective decating machine
          Applicable to coarse wool or fine wool and long-fiber fabric finishing, so that the finished fabric has dimensional stability, feel smooth, soft, soft luster. The machine has large capacity, high efficiency, energy saving, provincial and gas, energy saving. High tension decating computer automation and process. With the deepening of wool textile industry innovation and product quality have become increasingly demanding physical, fine textiles to high-count yarn, ultra-thin development; coarse fine woolen textiles to do with the body bone, soft development. Thus finishing the processing of quality requirements, markedly improved, shade, standard light, smooth waxy, flexible, soft, body bones, in order to meet the changing needs of processing, combined with new and old equipment, N711, N471, KD80, KD95 and other processing characteristics of is hereby designed to introduce ZH-2000 high-performance, depending on the process of wool textile products of different processing procedures so as to meet the various production needs of manufacturers on the quality of processing, which greatly increase efficiency and reduce processing costs.

          1, processing and production is running, from inside to outside the implementation of the synchronous tracking, all-round constant tension, in order to avoid uneven within and outside the tension caused by internal and external temperature, color, end to end bad.
          2, processing and production of all kinds decating machines, more than twice on 500-600 meters of worsted / time, woolen about 400-500 m / time, processing time is about 1 / 3, improve efficiency and reduce costs.