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          Setting Machine
          ZHL-1900 Continuous steaming machine
          ZH-2000 highly effective decating machine
          ZH-2000 highly effective decating machine
          Q4111-100jet type teaches silk dyeing machinery
          Y series 50-600-1000stranded wire dyeing machinery
          FDME-38 at room temperature overflow woolen cloth dyeing machine
          NB441 Program-controlled decating machine
          N711 decating machine
          N061 light milling machine
          DC-3-8 skein drying pit
          N464B advanced version disperses the wool
          N461N642 hair bulb dyeing machinery
          Twin-roll rolling three water dispenser
          MBC034 to puncture the fruit raising machine
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          FDME-38 at room temperature overflow woolen cloth dyeing machine
          1, water saving more environmentally friendly, very bottom water Pitt 1:5-8
          2, to reduce emissions, less energy consumption, more environmentally friendly
          3, save with the gas, save pigments and additives
          4, save labor, one multi-machine operation, shorten the process time
          5, accurate measurement of water programmable
          6 to address the machine charges hair out of plane problems
          7, adaptable to meet the dyeing cycle time constraints
          8, the main pump and feed pump variable frequency synchronization to ensure the uniformity of dyeing and dyed to ensure that no cylinder color

          Technical data:
          Constant water than :1:5-8
          Maximum speed: 300 m / min
          The maximum working speed: 98
          Maximum working pressure: atmospheric pressure
          Temperature rate: 25 -98 an average of 5 / min (to 7 bar dry saturated steam pressure gauge)
          Cooling rate: 98 -85 average of 2 / min (to 25 3 bar cooling dollars)