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          Setting Machine
          ZHL-1900 Continuous steaming machine
          ZH-2000 highly effective decating machine
          ZH-2000 highly effective decating machine
          Q4111-100jet type teaches silk dyeing machinery
          Y series 50-600-1000stranded wire dyeing machinery
          FDME-38 at room temperature overflow woolen cloth dyeing machine
          NB441 Program-controlled decating machine
          N711 decating machine
          N061 light milling machine
          DC-3-8 skein drying pit
          N464B advanced version disperses the wool
          N461N642 hair bulb dyeing machinery
          Twin-roll rolling three water dispenser
          MBC034 to puncture the fruit raising machine
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          N464B advanced version disperses the wool
          1. Product uses
          The machine used for textile dyeing and finishing process of wool textile workshops, cover a wide range of fineness of wool and man-made fibers staining.

          2. Main Specifications
          1. Working capacity: 5 ~ 200kg
          2. Dye maximum temperature of 100
          3. Heating methods: direct steam heating
          4. Dye cycle approach: one-way
          5. Circulating pump: TN368 new cycle of strong acid-resistant pump, head 10 m, speed 1000 r / min
          6. Dimensions: 100kg 1400 1400 1700 (L W H)
          7. Into the steam tube diameter: 1
          8. Dye warming time: About 30 minutes
          9. The largest amount of steam required: about 570 kg / h
          10. Machine total weight: about 1 ton

          3. Random supply of the main supporting pieces and user self-care pieces 1. Random supply of the main supporting pieces of
          TN368 new cycle of strong acid-resistant pump: Wool fibers are based on a variety of specific anti-cavitation designed stereotypes, role in high-temperature vaporization under the dye will have a substantial piece of bubble exclusion dye barrels and pump, so that the jet pump head suddenly a straight line and generate substantial decline in the sound impatient, I plant is designed and manufactured a centrifugal pump that both sides adopted a double-double impeller pump, staining in 98 ~ 100 when the spray head to ensure the normal work, pump body, and other contact with infected fluid 1G18Ni9Ti All stainless steel parts production, mechanical shaft seals on the seal.